Saturday 31 January 2009

Webcomic for the Unimpressed

From time to time, when surfing the so-called ‘Internets’, browsing the old-reliable webcomics that I do, I very occasionally come across a little ad that catches my eye. “A webcomic for the unimpressed” it read! My attention was caught like a dolphin in a fishing net. I clicked. I was happy.
Rock, Paper, Cynic by Peter Chiykowski is one of those rare little gems that genuinely made me ‘lol’ out loud (as the those forum kids say nowadays). This comic had its beginnings in the margins of schoolhall notebooks. It has since shed the hurriedly-etched, back-of-the-lecture-hall environs wherein much fun was made from the gaping, flapping boredom of a tweed-coated toss-pot. Fortunately, it has lost none of the charm!
Clever and witty, it can be described easily (though insufficiently) as a cross between xkcd and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, but with far fewer math and graph jokes (for which I am eternally grateful). Artistically speaking, I can't say it's spectacular, but the content is the main focus here. Having only become web-borne on October 31st (be spooked), it’s still a fairly new comic finding its niche in a sea of… Well, a sea of everything really, that’s what the internet is. Fear not! Its voice shall sound through the din and 1337, to be heard by those who truly care. For this is no fetid carbon copy of a comic, but something neck twitchingly amusing, you'll be guffawing so hard. And that's not to mention its fanciful insights into silly putty.
Surreal, clever and, above all, cynical, this comic will provide a daily laugh and, if there truly is a god of webcomics, they will smile upon Rock, Paper, Cynic. Kids, go check it out. It’s the thing. Best of luck to them in the future. In the meantime, here's a taste of what I'm babbling on about.

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