Friday 29 May 2009

You Say It, We Spray It

“Cruder than raw oil” – York Times

“This is shit, man” – Some Jerk

Well, I’ll admit this wasn’t the best idea for filler, since I know I don’t have that many readers. But I got a few good questions and a lot of material for funnies.

So let’s delve right in.

The first question is from Mike, he writes,

Hi, I love your reviews, but they’re all positive reviews. Why don’t you review awful comics or give bad reviews?

A good question, one that a good friend of mine has asked me before too, in almost as many words. I write positive review because the point of this bloggy-blog is to promote little known comics. That’s hard to do if I berate them. And since new comics are still usually trying to find their feet, there’s a “crappy phase” in most instances that I mention but gloss over is some cases. If a comic is very, very bad, I just plum won’t review it. But if things start wearing thin in the webcomics world, I’ll have to get out there and start pointing out the awful. But there are still plenty of good comics out there, so you need not worry. Thanks Mike!

Next question, please. Andrew writes:

I was wondering how you go about finding comics for your reviews?”

Well, chief, since I bring the comics to you, it would kinda defeat the purpose of me writing this bloggy-blog if I told you where I find my gems now wouldn’t it? But I know you guys read this for the hilarity and good reviewmanship… … …Right? Ah screw it, I’ll tell you anyway. I get most of my stuff from good old fashioned advertisements on other comics. Twitter is also a great treasure trove for webcomics, not just new ones. And then there are a few other places such as Webcomic self-promotion sites, Webcomics Inc is very good. Though in many cases, people just e-mail me with new ones they’ve come across, and sometimes the artists themselves will get in touch.

I hope that answers your question without giving too much away.

My next question was the most incredibly long thing I’ve ever read. And I even attempted War and Peace. Fortunately, Richard is a good writer, so it was actually enjoyable to read, unlike War and Peace. I’ll just get right to the question. He asks,

If you could, what is the one question you would ask your readers?

You clever clogs. But an awesome question nonetheless. My question to my readers would be this: “What colour underpants are you wearing, if any?
Do you regret asking now, son? I hope so.
Though I suppose if I had to ask a real question, it’d be “What was the first webcomic you ever read, and do you still read it?” You know where to e-mail your answers to.

This next question is from Arne Schulenberg who asks:

Could you please tell your readers that there is a reddit-page where you could not vote for one but for ten photocomics which are well made?

No. Just. Just, no. I can’t give too much stuff away about where to find new comics. Though having looked, I can’t say that all those comics aren’t roses and pomegranates.

Last question, yes? Brian asks the big one, which I’m sure he regrets already if you haven’t seen the side-bar thingy.

Coyote, you review comics but you don’t write/draw one. Isn’t that hypocritical or something?
Yes! Yes it is. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Except: I’m having it another way. Indeed, I’m getting a webcomic started for the Summer. It’s hosted on DrunkDuck, cos I don’t know any code. Yay, lack of knowledge! Here’s one of the official advertisements for “Star Trax” that’s on the webpage.

It’s weird drawing it, since that’s not even my style (see new profile picture). I’m keeping it simple so it’s easy to update and it should get underway around mid-June. I’ll let you know.

And thus concludes this portion of the show. I got a nice amount of responses so, you know, keep reading, one and all. There’re plenty of comics coming next week. Until then kids, stay safe.

(A very hung over) Coyote Trax


Lifon said...

Wow, you're makin' a webcomic? That's quite awesome, Trax! Now, admittedly, I haven't seen Star Trek, but hey, I'll still read it.

Let's see... My first webcomic was Wot Now? A parody comic about the Wheel of Time series. I sorta just stumbled upon it with google, and it has been discontinued since the writer of the Wheel of Time has passed away. It was pretty funny, and it introduced me to the wonderful world of webcomics!

Torg said...

I am not wearing underpants.

The first webcomic I ever read was Sluggy Freelance, and I do still read it. Religiously, in fact.

I look forward to Star Trax. If the humor in your reviews carries over to the comic, it should be very good.

Teh_Wolf said...

(Richard under Blogspot domain)

*Cant wait for Star Trax, so he can increase web comic library*

Ooh! I get to answer my question to you? Lemme check...
*Gives self a wedgie*
Technically, they're boxers, and they are green-white pinstripe.

My first web comic would be Concessions and I still follow it to this day. It's what sparked my web comic passion that would eventually become an undying passion to consume quality web comics on a daily basis. And that search has led me to find some 21 frequently updated web comics to date. I wouldn't have found half of them without you, Mr. Coyote Trax.

But I digress. Thank you for sponsoring my question, and that you for your gracious comments on my writing.

Looking forward to future web comic related fun,

Coyote Trax said...

Ah the questions were a success! Good times.

Yeah, thanks for asking guys, and answering. :D

And I'm glad Lifon is back, I was getting worried, hope your Finals went as well as mine.

Updates as normal now every week.