Monday 7 September 2009

Wordythinks - Episode One: Get Down on Yourself - A review of Starslip

Greetings all you cheery chirpy people!

Today is a special day, and I don't mean "Olympics" special, I mean "special" special!

I, along with my good associate Alan "Mister Hands" Byrne, have reviewed Kristofer Straub's fine, fine webcomic Starslip. But this ain't any old paper and pen job, no sir. In this age of techno-gwidget-zizmos we done reviewed this in the form of a Podcast! Our weekly new-webcomic review will be posted on Fridays from here on out. Look forward to it. 

You can listen to and download the MP3 here, guy: Wordythinks Episode 1: Get Down On Yourself - A Review of Starslip

You can find Kris' work pretty much everywhere, but specifically at the following web locations:

"Prolific" isn't strong enough a word. Check him out. 

See y'all Friday! Peace out.

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